Particularly important pages of Belgrade sports have been written and are still written in Vozdovac Municipality. It is estimated that Vozdovac sportspeople have won around 14 thousand medals, cups, and other awards, starting from local competitions all the way to the state, European, international/world championships, and Olympic Games.

Prior to the rise of modern sports, after the relocation of the racecourse from the space on which Belgrade technical faculties are situated nowadays and, prior to the construction of the present-day horse racing course, Vozdovac had been – in Marinkova bara and on the Banjicko polje-Field – the venue of horse races. The soccer club Dusanovac, which would later, for some time, bear the name Sloboda (i.e. Freedom), was formed in 1912, and Vozdovacki in 1929. By their merging, the present-day premier league soccer club (SC) Vozdovac was created. The Vozdovac SC Rad also has the premier league status, and Sindjelic and other soccer clubs also have had the history worth of respect. Today, in Vozdovac Municipality there is a great number of sports clubs including the so-called „indoor sports“. The most numerous are soccer clubs, but there are also basketball, handball, track & field, cycling, judo, taekwondo, chess, table tennis, shooting, bowling, soft ball, and baseball clubs…

Vozdovac has been made famous particularly by handball female players and basketball female players. Both of them have won the state championships, and Vozdovac female basketball club has yielded 24 national team players and at the time even reached the finals in the international Cup Liliana Ronchetti. In 2004, female and male alpinists of Vozdovac conquered the 5,642 meters high Elbrus peak in the Caucasus Mountains.

Sports centers Vozdovac and Banjica, the Center of Culture and Sports Sumice, Sport eko hall, the sports hall Torlak, stadiums of the soccer clubs Rad and Vozdovac, whereby the latter is unique in this part of Europe because it is located on the top of the shopping mall Stadion – represent a strong infrastructure support not only to sportspeople of Vozdovac, but also to the top clubs of Belgrade and Serbia.

On an area of 5,817 square meters, the Center of Culture and Sports Sumice has a big sports hall with a thousand seats and 250 standing places, intended for handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, indoor soccer, and martial arts. The Center also has a hall with a stage and a press room. In those spaces, schools of and courses in table tennis, aerobic, dancing, fencing, aikido, and karate are organized.

The universal sports hall of the Sports Center Vozdovac is suitable for handball, volleyball, table tennis, bawling, and martial arts, and it can receive 2,300 viewers. The Center also has dressing rooms, a training hall, six tennis courts, a gym, a bowling alley, a trim cabinet, a club and a restaurant.

In the Sports Center Banjica there are the indoor Olympic-size swimming pool and a stand with two thousand seats and a thousand standing places. Outdoors, there are two Olympic-size swimming pools and six tennis courts. The Center provides optimal conditions for water sports competitions – waterpolo, swimming, and synchronized swimming. Within it there are also a medical center, a sauna, hydro-massage, a trim hall, and a gym.

„Vozdovac Trophy“ (soccer) and „To Our Gliga – Svetozar Gligoric“ (chess), further to the decision of the Municipal Assembly of Vozdovac, as of 2015, will be permanent events of Vozdovac.