Municipality Vozdovac
Ustanicka 53, phone no 244-1071, 244-7295, 244-7795
mobile phone no: 064/8787-892, 064/8787-893, 063/103-3011 and 063/103-3012

Municipality – Working hours:
Working days – from 08 – 16 h

Service center:
Working hours:
–working days from 08:00 – 16:00 h
– Saturday – from 09 – 12 registrars, verifications and officiants only
– post office for payment services  08 – 16, Saturdays 09 – 12

Beli Potok Service center  (Avalska 56 street, near Ambulance’s)
Phone no 3908-452 (3908-451 and 3908-450)
Working hours: every working day from 08:00 – 16:00 h
– registrations and verifications
– Secretariat for City Administration of Belgrade – Sector for personal citizens’ queries, birth books and election rights of Vozdovac citizens.

Sector for assets and legal business:
Sector manager:
Maja Petkovic
Ground floor, room no 47
phone no: 244-1071/option 147

Apartment redemption, Territory rent, Other assets and legal businesses

Sector for constructional, communal and residential business
Sector manager
Milan Kajganic
Ground floor, room no 19
phone no: 2458-258

Sector for constructional, communal and residential business
Constructional business:
Communal business Residential business
Other Sector’s business:

– Act transcripts (e.g. constructional license)
– Apartment specification documents (residential buildings) from technical data.
–Act on Approval and Constructing which doesn’t require a constructional license (article no 145, related to article 2, point 25, Law on Planning and Construction no. 72/09 since 11/9/2009 with list of all objects)

Registration of Assembly of tenants until bank account

Sector for Communal inspection

Sector manager
Nenad Mitrovic
Floor 2, room no. 109
phone no: 244-1601

Sector for Constructional inspection

Sector manager
Vladan Djesnic
Floor 2, room no. 92

Sector for administrative and legal business, Sector for implementation of execution

Sector for financing, economy, social activity and planning
Sector manager
Jelisavka Djurasinovic
Floor 1, room no. 55
phone no. 244-9645

Sector for budget, investments and tenders Vault Sector
Sector for social activity
Sector for veteran’s security

Sector for Assembly’s and mutual business
Sector manager
Miodrag Nikolic
Floor I, room no.60
phone no. 2434-985
option 160

Legal Help
Room no. 28
phone no. 244-1071/option128

Work with entities on working days from 8-14h

Sector for informing, protocol and cabinet
Sector manager
Bojana Ilic
Floor II
phone no. 244-9729, 2457-931

Sector for informing
Protocol sector

Department for information techology and common affairs
Manager Masan Bulatovic

Floor I, room no. 64
phone no. 244-1071/164

Belgrade City Administration for public income 
– Vozdovac Department (tax on entities assets)
Ustanicka street, no 53 – entrance form the left side
Phone no. 244-3192

Work with entities on working days from 08-14h, Wednesdays on 08-20.

NOTE: Officiant’s office in Service centre works every working day from 08:00 – 16:00, Saturdays from 9-12h