The agents of the economic development in Vozdovac Municipality are the companies Soko-Stark, Vatrosprem, Verano-motors, Kontraktor, Galeb Group, Bones Group, Geosonda, Vemus, the distribution center of Knjaz Milos, Messer, Millenium team, Bauplus, Feromont, and Hemovent.

For the future development, industrial zones are of a great importance. The one along Kumodraska Street was partially formed way back in the seventies of the past century when a number of companies built production plants there. What is impendent is a more intensive activation of the industrial zone along the highway towards Nis, whereby the construction of the business center of IKEA, internationally recognized furniture manufacturer, is one of the most important undertakings. Nearby Bubanj Potok, the shopping center of this Swedish giant will be constructed, which will have its regional business headquarters there. Definition of the route of the Inner Arterial Semiring will make the most attractive part of the central zone of the Municipality of Vozdovac particularly important, i.e. Dusanovac and Donji-Lower Vozdovac. The present-day devastated residential buildings will be replaced by modern ones, which will completely change the image of the central municipal zone.

The exquisite attractiveness of the Avala Mt. area provides the opportunity for development of tourism, which should be realized by construction of tourist, sports and recreational and catering facilities and by further fostering of transit and rural tourism. The rich cultural and historical heritage, popular monuments, and sights of nature among which are, in addition to those generally known, the natural lake in the settlement of Tresnja, the artificial lakes Bela reka in Ripanj and the lake between Pinosava and Resnik, as well as not yet sufficiently known springs of mineral waters, out of which some are even in urban settlements – represent the development potential which awaits to be used to a greater extent. The hunting grounds Avala, of a total area of 14,849 hectares, are an opportunity for improvement of the yet insufficiently developed hunting tourism. The hunting grounds continuously breed hares, roe deer, pheasants, and gray partridges, and the hunting grounds have 50 stable shooting stands, ten hunting treestands, 60 feeding grounds for roe deer, 120 for pheasants and gray partridges, 40 salt-licks, and eight shelters for little pheasants.

Vozdovac Municipality, on an undulated terrain of heights from 250 to 511 meters above sea level, has around 9,320 hectares of agricultural land. Out of that, 6,446 hectares are plough-fields and gardens, 643 are orchards, 107, vineyards, while pastures and meadows cover somewhat less than 2,030 hectares. The soil is suitable for growing cereals, industrial and forage crops, as well as for fruits, grape vine, and medicinal herbs. This is the opportunity to focus the traditional production of the area at the foot of the Avala Mt. on the production of ecological health food and development of family businesses.

Among the companies registered in the Municipality, the majority are limited liability companies because it is the most suitable form of organization of ‘small business’. Small and medium-sized companies of tertiary activities with a relatively small number of employees are predominant.